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After Oulu, Winnipeg, Leeuwarden and Minneapolis-Saint-Paul,
the 5th edition of the Winter Cycling Congress will be held in Montréal!


After Oulu, Winnipeg, Leeuwarden and Minneapolis-Saint-Paul,
the 5th edition of the Winter Cycling Congress will be held in Montréal!

4 main themes

  • Infrastructure
  • Education, promotion and communication
  • Multiple facets of the practice of cycling in winter (transport, leisure, tourism)
  • Benefits, impacts and outcomes of winter cycling


Presentations and other activities will be conducted in English or French with simultaneous interpretation.

Rocky Mountain/Suzie Q


• Timo Perälä - Winter Cycling Federation

• Suzanne Lareau - Vélo Québec

• Denis Coderre - Mayor of Montréal

Impact of the Climate Change on Cities and Mobilty

Dominique Paquin

Climate Simulation and Analysis specialist, Ouranos, Québec, Canada

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Oulu the winter capital of the world

Pekka Tahkola

Winter Cycling Federation, Oulu, Finland

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Promote it with the good tools!

Explaining active transportation success in cities with winter
• Karl Saidla - Municipality of Chelsea and Chelsea Trails - Québec, Canada •

Low-cost Solutions to Promote Year-round Cycling in the Countryside
• Kalle Vaismaa - WSP Finland - Finland •

Planning for Better Bikeway Maintenance Across Agency Lines
• Shaun Lopez-Murphy - Toole Design Group - Minnesota - USA •

Inclusion and lifestyle

Cycling as a Tool to Integrate Immigrants into the Community
• Maira Prado - Temps de bouger - Québec, Canada •

Winter Cycling Issues Specific to Low-Income Neighbourhoods
• Nils Henner - Vrac Environnement - Québec, Canada •

Winter bike bus : transporting the entire family all year round
• Valérie Houle - Engineer and cycling mom - Québec, Canada •

A matter of data

Counting Bikes: Case Studies from Alaska
• Andrew Ooms - Kittelson & Associates - Alaska, USA •

Using automated tools to measure winter cycling popularity and route selection
• Alex de Vries - Citizens for Safe Cycling - Ontario, Canada •

Evaluating the temporal evolution of winter bicycle ridership
• David Beitel - McGill University - Québec, Canada •
• Jean-François Rheault - Eco-Counter North America - Québec, Canada •

Winter cycling without limits

Police patrol in winter
• Nicolas Fradette - Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal - Québec, Canada •

Bicycle, Crutch and Wheelchair Users: Everyone Outside!
• Audrey-Anne Trudel - Confédération des organismes de personnes handicapés du Québec - Québec, Canada •

Paradox of Finland: More Snow, More Cycling!
• Matti Hirvonen - Network of Finnish Cycling Municipalities - Finland •

Keep it clear!

Paradigm Shift: A Proactive Approach to Winter Cycling Infrastructure Maintenance
• Bartek Komorowski - Vélo Québec - Québec, Canada •

Evaluating the effects of the first Snow Removal policy to address cycling infrastructures maintenance in Montreal
• Marc-André Gadoury - City of Montréal - Québec, Canada •

Ottawa’s Winter Cycling Network Turns 1.5 Lessons about maintenance and design
• Adam Hortop - City of Ottawa - Ontario, Canada •
• Kate Whitfield - Alta Planning + Design - Ontario, Canada •

No respite for active transportation

Sylvie Bernier

Healthy Lifestyle Ambassador, Québec, Canada

Copenhagen by bike, a year-round affair

Morten Kabell

Mayor of technical and environmental affairs, City of Copenhagen, Denmark

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Pecha Kucha

Coffee Outside: Thank Grounds It's Friday!
• Glenn Kubish - Winter Cities Shakeup 2017 - Alberta, Canada •

Vélo sous zéro: Montréal's winter cycling event
• Catherine Gauthier - ENvironnement JEUnesse - Québec, Canada •

Winter Biking in the Keweenaw
• Joshua Myles - Bike Initiative Keweenaw (BIKE!) - Michigan, USA •

Weather & Bike Incidents: Comparisons from Various BikeMaps.org Cities
• Karen Laberee - BikeMaps.org - British Columbia, Canada •

Winter Cycling: Easy! Fun! Winter Cycling Advocacy: Less Easy, Still Fun
• Heather Shearer - Bike Ottawa, Citizens for Safe Cycling - Ontario, Canada •

Winter Maintenance: Low Cost, High Benefit
• Liv Jorun Andenes - Agency for City Environment, City of Oslo - Norway •

Maintenance, policies and services

How and why the Dutch Railways promote cycling
• Hans Moor - Ontario, Canada •

Cyclist Satisfaction, Bonuses, and Sanctions in maintenance contracts
• Timo Perälä - Navico Ltd. - Finland •

Winter Maintenance Policies and Procedures in the Montreal Borough of Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
• Marianne Giguère - Arrondissement du Plateau-Mont-Royal - Québec, Canada
• François Gosselin - Arrondissement du Plateau-Mont-Royal - Québec, Canada

Design and guidelines

Calgary’s City Centre Cycle Track Network Winter Maintenance Guidelines
• Anders Swanson - Anders Swanson Consulting - Manitoba, Canada •

Better Winter Living Through Urban Design
• Olivier Legault - Vivre en Ville - Québec, Canada •

Toronto's priority winter cycling routes - Level of service
• Jacquelyn Hayward Gulati - City of Toronto - Ontario, Canada •
• Trevor Tenn - City of Toronto - Ontario, Canada •

4 seasons cycling at school

Teach Them Young
• Michelle Kiefer - Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota - Minnesota, USA •

Kids, Bikes, Elementary Schools and Northern Michigan Winters: A Small Town, USA Success Story
• Ty Schmidt - Norte! - Michigan, USA •

Promoting year-round cycling at schools in Finland
• Sanna Ojajärvi - Network of Finnish Municipalities - Finland •
• Erika Weckström - Network of Finnish Municipalities - Finlande •

Promotion and encouragement

#Pyöräilytalvi : Promoting Year-Round Cycling in Finland
• Martti Tulenheimo - Finnish Cyclists' Federation - Finland •

Conspiring with the Zeitgeist for an outdoor culture revolution 
• Albi Sole - Outdoor Council of Canada - Alberta, Canada •

Encouraging the First Step
• Tony Desnick - Alta Planning + Design - Minnesota, USA •

1) Un court métrage comme outil pour améliorer la perception du public envers le vélo hivernal
• Martial Van Neste - Vélocentrix - Québec, Canada •

2) Négocier les politiques publiques sur Facebook : le cas des politiques en faveur du vélo
• Yan Turgeon - Le Vélurbaniste - Québec, Canada •

3) LandLine: Developing a greenway network for year round cycling in the Boston region
• David Loutzenheiser - Metropolitan Area Planning Council - Massachussets, USA •

4) Collaborative Bicycle Network Planning for All Seasons
• Michael Stralka - Ramsey County - Minnesota, USA •

5) La Donna e Mobile
• Ro-Nalt Schrauwen - Independant Artist - Netherlands •

6) Pedaling Away The Blues
• Michele Molstead - Nice Ride Minnesota - Minnesota, USA •

7) Leçons de quinze années en vélo d'hiver abordable
• Philippe Casgrain - Québec, Canada •

8) Vision météo: un outil web au service de l'usager et du gestionnaire de réseau
• Étienne Morin - Vision Météo - Québec, Canada • 9) Fatbike: transport ou loisir ?
• Francis Tétrault - Vélo Québec - Québec, Canada •   10) Vélos électriques en libre-service: encourager le transfert modal
• Marc Delesclefs - Bewegen- Quebec, Canada •  11) Shifting the paradigm: how a bike parade by -28℃ can break the ice of winter cycling
• Nadezda Zherebina - Let’s Bike It - Russia • 

Discover Montrealer François Démontagne’s photos and Dutch visual artist Ro-Nalt Schauwen’s collages.

Check out a screening of films on winter cycling.

Knock a few back while listening to domlebo and his ensemble!


lieuMaison du développement durable | 50, Sainte-Catherine O.


A joint project ENvironnement JEUnesse / Vélo Québec.

On Saturday, February 11, inspired by the full moon over downtown Montréal, show your northern spirit and love of biking by taking part in Snow Moon by Bike, a luminous, festive parade complete with allegorical bicycles.

Free / Info & registration »

Snow Up to Our Gears: How La Presse reports on winter cycling
• Maxime Houde - INRS - Urbanisation Culture et société - Québec, Canada •

Perceptions, Public Opinion and Media Coverage of Cycling in General and Winter Cycling in Particular
• Marco Fortier - Le Devoir - Québec, Canada •
• Nellie Brière - Québec, Canada •
• Florent Daudens - Le Devoir - Québec, Canada •
• Gino Desrosiers - Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec - Québec, Canada •

Fatbiking and tourism

Fatbiking: A tourism opportunity in a context of climate change
• Kate Germain - Chaire de tourisme de l'UQAM - Québec, Canada •

Bike Across Lac Saint-Jean: A Frost-Bound Adventure
• David Lecointre - Véloroute des Bleuets et Traversée du lac Saint-Jean à vélo - Québec, Canada •

Fatbiking in Parc du Domaine Vert
• Guy Millette - Parc du Domaine vert - Québec, Canada •

Strategies and reflections

As Canadian as hockey on frozen pond?
• Anders Swanson - Canada Bikes - Manitoba, Canada •

Mix and Match: A reflection on 25 years of experience with bicycle lesson
• Angela Van der Kloof - Mobycon - Netherlands •

Reaching Out to Residents to Accelerate Community Buy-In
• Laurent Deslauriers - Colaurent - Québec, Canada •
• Laurent Levesque - Colaurent - Québec, Canada •

Improving maintenance quality

Keeping a Bicycle Path Free of Snow across Three Communities
• Daniel Lambert - Montreal Bike Coalition - Québec, Canada •
• Stéphane Saint-Arnaud - Ville-Marie Borough- Québec, Canada •
• Jonathan Auger - City of Westmount - Québec, Canada •
• Chantal Hooper - Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Borough - Québec, Canada •

High-quality winter maintenance with low cost? Improving the cycling network and it’s winter maintenance in the city of Rauma
• Kaisa Karhula - WSP Finland - Finland •

Challenges and opportunities

Alaska: towards a statewide system
• Fred Young - Alta Planning + Design - Washington, USA •

A qualitative study of winter cycling in Calgary: Opportunities and Barriers
• Grazia Salvo - University of Calgary - Alberta, Canada •

Helsinki route-specific winter maintenance pilot 2015-2017
• Tuomas Lautaniemi - Public Works Department – City of Helsinki - Finland •

Promotion through experimentation and documentation

Snow Plows, Winter Cycling, & Government: From Grassroots Campaign to Policy Change • Becca Wolfson- Boston Cyclists Union - Massachusetts, USA •

Feasibility study for the expansion of Bike Share Toronto
• Aaron Baxter - WSP-MMM - Ontario, Canada •
• Sean Wheldrake - Bike Share Toronto - Ontario, Canada •

Hey! I Could do That! - Promoting through Positive Messaging
• Jennifer Stelzer  - EnviroCentre - Ontario, Canada •
• Elyse McCann - EnviroCentre - Ontario, Canada •

Fatbike - Engaging the community

Fatbiking in Sherbrooke: Enticing Tourists, Engaging the Community
• Myriam Rioux-Denis - Destination Sherbrooke - Québec, Canada •
• Jean-François Deshaies - Sentiers Sherbrooke - Québec, Canada •
• Annie Fréchette - Ville de Sherbrooke - Québec, Canada •

Fats in the Gats: A successful fatbike project in Gatineau Park
• Sean Ralph - OMBA - Ottawa Mountain Bicycling Association - Ontario, Canada •
• Loïc Olivier - OMBA - Ottawa Mountain Bicycling Association - Québec, Canada •

Winter Cycling as a Form of Recreation: A Development Model
• Annie Cabana - Ville de Bromont - Québec, Canada •
• Nicolas Legault - Ville de Bromont - Québec, Canada •
• Michel Matteau - Ville de Bromont - Québec, Canada •

Initiaves and challenges towards an accessible winter practice

Kids and Bikes in the Winter Around the Globe
• Jamie Hilland - GreenActionCentre - Manitoba, Canada •
• Anders Swanson - Sustainable Transportation Consultant - Manitoba, Canada •

Bike Share Toronto's History of Winter Service
• Alyssa Krantzberg - Bike Share Toronto Program - Ontario, Canada •

Year-Round Bicycle Infrastructure
• Marisella Gomez - City of Montréal - Québec, Canada • 
• Mylène Rodrigue - City of Montréal - Québec, Canada •

Keep them riding through the winter

Converting seasonal cyclists in Oulu
• Timo Perälä - Winter Cycling Federation - Finland •

Snow cleaning of the Jacques Cartier Bridge bike path
• Francis Casaubon - Collectif vélo 365 - Québec, Canada •
• Daniel Lambert - Montreal Bike Coalition - Québec, Canada •
• Andy Woo - Jacques Cartier + Champlain bridges - Québec, Canada •

Cold wheels, warm hearts: Using joy to keep people biking through Boston’s Winters • Doug Johnson - Boston Cyclists Union - Massachusetts, USA •

Promoting winter cycling in different contexts

Envisioning Biking in the Suburbs
• Darnel Harris - Ontario, Canada •

Case Studies on Small Town and Rural Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities
• Rebecca Gleason - Western Transportation Institute - Montana, USA •

Action citoyenne à vélo: engaging youth in the cause
• Jean-François Veilleux - ENvironnement JEUnesse - Québec, Canada •

Getting equipped

Handing out free studded tires – an effective myth buster
• Liv Jorun Andenes - Agency for City Environment, City of Oslo - Norway •

Electric bikes and the new bicycle designs in the snow
• Dave Cohen - Vbike - Vermont, USA •

Winter Cycling at a hotel amenity
• David Weiner - Priority Bicycles - New York, USA •


Gord Johns

Member of Parliament, Courtenay- Alberni, Critic for Small Business and Tourism

The mainstreaming of year-round cycling

Tom Babin

Author of Frostbike: The Joy, Pain and Numbness of Winter Cycling

download presentation

Winter Bike to Work Day Award Ceremony

Anders Swanson

Winter Cycling Federation

Mobile workshop
(150 min)

Winter Cycling: A “Geopoetic” Workshop
• Marie-Hélène Roch - INRS - Urbanisation Culture Société - Québec, Canada •

Winter cycling is an opportunity to experience a city environment – its sights, its sounds, its smells, and the interplay between outdoors and in – from a uniquely visceral perspective. This outing in the charming Montreal neighbourhood of Villeray will enable participants to document these sensory experiences through photographs and a personal travel log.

* BIXI will provide bicycles for those participants who require them.

Mobile workshop
(120 min)

This is Your Brain and Body on Winter Cycling
• Dave Cohen - Vbike - Vermont, USA •

This workshop will draw on neuropsychology and approaches in somatic psychology. Participants will investigate the dynamics of their bodies, senses and emotions as they bike in the brillant winter. They will explore some of the ways in which the relatively unmediated experience of winter biking, and the contact it allows with the surrounding social and ecological environments, results in mesurable, positive impacts on their overall mental and physical wellbeing.

* BIXI will provide bicycles for those participants who require them.

Mobile workshop
(150 min)

Exploring Montreal’s Four Season Cycling Network: Infrastructure, Maintenance, Comfort and Safety
• Bartek Komorowski - Vélo Québec - Québec, Canada • 

This mobile workshop will take participants on a tour of part of Montreal’s four-season cycling network. They will ride on several types of cycling facilities, including curb-separated cycle tracks, delineator- and parking-separated cycle tracks, conventional and counterflow cycle lanes, and shared lanes. During the tour, the quality of maintenance and the perceived levels of comfort and safety afforded by the different types of facilities will be discussed.

* BIXI will provide bicycles for those participants who require them.

Mobile workshop
(120 min)

Keeping a Bicycle Path Snow-free Across Three Communities
• Daniel Lambert - Montreal Bike Coalition - Québec, Canada •
• Stéphane Saint-Arnaud -Ville-Marie Borough - Québec, Canada •
• Jonathan Auger - City of Westmount - Québec, Canada •
• Chantal Hooper - Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Borough- Québec, Canada •

During this outing, participants will observe how three communities with different bike path designs and different snow cleaning techniques each obtain high-quality results. They will also be able to get a look at snow trucks that are equipped with mirrors and cameras to eliminate blind spots. And as a special treat, they will enjoy a stop for hot chocolate, snacks and a few surprises!

More info +

* BIXI will provide bicycles for those participants who require them.

Participative workshop
(150 min)

Sharing and community spirit among urban cyclists
• Jean-François Veilleux - Coop Bécik - Québec, Canada •
• Samuel Brière - Coop Bécik - Québec, Canada •

Group discussion revolving around winter cycling necessities, including gear, maintenance, mechanics, road conditions, safety, visibility and more. Spotlight on popular hubs for the Montreal cycling community, among them self-service bike repair facilities.

Participative workshops
(120 min)

A global approach to winter cycling for municipalities
• Susan Sauve - City of Peterborough - Ontario, Canada •
• Marc Jolicoeur - Vélo Québec - Québec, Canada •

In this workshop, practitioners will work with participants to identify types of infrastructure that are most popular with winter cyclists, challenges faced to maintain them in winter, and how to manage expectations and concerns of cyclists, politicians and city staff regarding winter operation of urban cycling networks.


A winter nightmare on Oslo streets: painted bike lanes + on-street car parking
• Elise Egseth - Agency for City Environment, City of Oslo - Norvège •

Partly because of the issue of winter maintenance, and also to increase the general safety, Oslo is now making its own design manual guide for planning bicycle infrastructure. But we’re still lacking a quick fix on the streets that have been badly designed, and the workshop participants will help us think about solutions.

Participative Workshop
(90 min)

Winter Streets Lab
• Angela van der Kloof - Mobycon - Netherlands •

During this workshop we will use several practical tools and workshop formats that will help us wrap our heads around snow removal on cycling facilities and work towards effective actions that we can take collaboratively as well as in our own community.

Fatbike – Trail development and operation
(150 min)

Fatbike : Media Bubble or Legitimate New Outdoor Activity ?
• Francis Tétrault - Vélo Québec - Québec, Canada •
• Fabien Blot - Fédération québécoise des sports cyclistes - Québec, Canada •
Fatbike Experience in Canada’s National Parks
• Ed Jager - Canada Parks - Québec, Canada •

Fatbike Experience in the Quebec's National Park System
• Chantal Lemire - Sépaq - Québec, Canada •

Maintenance, Management, and Marketing of a Groomed Fatbike Trail System
• Tim Tierney - Kingdom trails Association - Vermont, USA •

Winter Active Transportation in a Semi-rural Community: Chelsea, Quebec punches above its weight
• Karl Saidla - University of Ottawa - Québec, Canada •


Check out a series of Pecha-Kucha-type presentations on winter cycling and have a chance to win a Continuum bike from Priority Bicycles and a pair of Arkel Orca 35 bike panniers.


A 5 to 7 pm happy hour for all who love or are curious about winter cycling.


lieu Espace La Fontaine | 3933, av. du Parc-La Fontaine
(in the heart of La Fontaine park)


This event is organized with support from the Plateau Mont-Royal Borough.


Leonard Cohen, poet for winter cyclists. Hallelujah!
• Glenn Kubish - Winter Cities Shakeup 2017 - Alberta, Canada •

A Skeptic's Guide to Winter Cycling
• Michele Molstead - Nice Ride Minnesota - Minnesota, USA •

Winter cycling has gone to the dogs
• Tony Desnick - Alta Planning + Design - Minnesota, USA •

Errands (and other journeys) in the shadow of "Big Commute"
• Lana Stewart - Advocate, Communications specialist - Ontario, Canada •

Baby it's Cold Outside: Joyful Cycling with Babies in the Winter
• Natalie Gille - Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota - Minnesota, USA •

Cyclistes l'hiver, d'enverdeurs mangeurs d'enfants à héros modernes
• Mathieu Séguin - Coalition Vélo Montréal/CIBL - Quebec, Canada • VéloNUtion: le calendrier nus des mécanos de Montréal
• Kelly Schwab - Santrovélo - Québec, Canada • "Ne tuez pas la peau du bixiste avant de l'avoir convaincu"
• Violaine Fortier - Cycliste Montréalaise - Québec, Canada • Honesca et le vélo sur glace
• Mathieu Ducom - Honesca - Québec, Canada •

Calgary, Home of the “8 Month Winter”
• Kimberly Fisher - City of Calgary - Alberta, Canada •

The State of Winter Cycling: The Alta Planning + Design annual survey on cycling in winter
• Tony Desnick - Alta Planning + Design - Minnesota, USA •

The Transformation of Almetyevsk: A visionary, urbanist project in the centre of Russia
• Mikael Colville-Anderson - Copenhagenize Design Co. - Denmark •

Activity schedule:
  • 45 minute fatbike outing on the Mont Oak trails
  • lunch and bonfire
  • trail maintenance equipment exhibition
  • tour of the velodrome and facilities at the Centre national de cyclisme de Bromont (optional)
  • back to Montreal for 5 PM
This activity is made possible with support from:
  • Ville de Bromont
  • Les Amis des sentiers de Bromont
  • Centre National de cyclisme de Bromont

* Optional activity. | Because places for the full package (including meals, transportation and fatbike rental) are limited, participants will be chosen by a draw from all those who express an interest in attending. | The activity is also open to other participants, provided they make their own travel arrangements and use their own fatbike.

To enter your name into the draw for the all-inclusive package, send an email no later than January 25, 2017, with the subject line “Fatbike outing in Bromont.”


Winter Happiness: Perspectives from Health Care, Placemaking and Psychology

Robin Mazumder

Community builder and PhD candidate in neuroscience

Planning Your Decisions to Encourage Year-Round Cycling
• Daniel Champagne, Councillor and Municipal Council Chair, City of Gatineau - Québec, Canada •
• Marc-André Gadoury, Councillor and Official in Charge of Cycling, City of Montréal - Québec, Canada •
• Rémy Normand, Member, Executive Committee Vice Chair, City of Québec - Québec, Canada •
• Janice Lukes, Councillor, City of Winnipeg - Manitoba, Canada •
• Tobi Nussbaum, Councillor, City of Ottawa - Ontario, Canada •
















Single day registration now available.

Cancellation policy

Conference registrants canceling their registration before January 11, 2017 will receive a refund of the registration fee, less a $50 administrative fee. Cancellation requests received after January 10, 2017 will not be eligible for a refund. You are required to pay the fee regardless of whether you have paid prior to canceling.

NB: Registrants may send a substitution at any time before the start of the activity. Cancellation and substitution requests must be sent by email.


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photo : Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles, Stéphan Poulin


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Things to do in Montréal

Make the most of your time in Montréal by checking out these other activities!

Lune d'hiver à vélo

Snow Moon by Bike

On February 11, 2017, Vélo Québec will host its first nightime winter bike ride.

Join this free event to experience winter cycling in Montreal!



On February 11, the Snow Moon by Bike parade will finish on the Igloofest site, an event that brings together thousands of electronic music fans to dance under the stars at Montreal’s Old Port.

Au sommet PVM

Au Sommet Place Ville Marie

Enjoy a unique experience from more than 185 meters above ground at our Observation Deck and discover Montreal in 360°.

Special offer for our attendees: on February 10 and 11, upon presentation of your delegate badge, pay only 15$ (+ tx).

Cité mémoire

Cité Mémoire

At dusk, experience Cité Mémoire, created by Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon in collaboration with Michel Marc Bouchard. Use the free Montréal en Histoires mobile app to hear the soundtrack.

For more ideas : 



Eco-Counter is a world leader in providing specialized automatic pedestrian and cyclist monitoring systems. Our systems provide valuable insight into pedestrian and cyclist movement and are trusted by clients in 48 countries. Eco-Counter’s technology is easy to install and capable of handling extreme outdoor conditions. Intuitive data analysis software analyzes and communicates cycling numbers to help policy makers and active transportation professionals improve safety and identify trends.


Bewegen is a research-focused urban mobility company that has developed a bike-share system unlike any other. The company’s Pedelec (electric assist) bicycle has introduced the public to a seamless riding experience, one that is reshaping perceptions of active transportation around the globe.

WSP is one of the world's leading engineering professional services consulting firms. We bring together our 36,500 staff, based in more than 500 offices, across 40 countries to provide engineering and multidisciplinary services in a vast array of industry sectors, with a focus on technical excellence and client service.



Ville de Bromont
Priority Bicycles
Alta Planning+Design


Ville de Montréal
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
Tourisme Montréal
Gouvernement du Québec

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