VIEWPOINT : November 2017

Camillien-Houde Way: Let’s revive the vision of Olmsted

The death of young Clément Ouimet on October 4 has shaken the entire cycling community in Montréal and throughout Québec. The cause of the fatal collision - an illegal U-turn made by a motorist - has stirred up debate around the fact that Camillien-Houde Way has become a veritable highway in the middle of the city and, what’s more, in a park that Montréal hopes will become a UNESCO heritage site. With nearly 12,000 motorists using Camillien-Houde Way daily, mainly for getting from one part of the city to another, we are far removed from the vision of Frederick Law Olmsted, designer of Mount Royal Park in 1874, who believed in nature as an effective antidote to the stress of urban life.  Read »»

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