About Vélo Québec

For nearly 50 years, Vélo Québec, a non-profit organization, has played an important role on the Quebec cycling scene. It constantly encourages the use of bicycles - whether for recreation, tourism or as a clean, active mode of transportation - in order to improve the environment, health and wellbeing of citizens.
Vélo Québec brings the cycling community together
Vélo Québec reaches over 200,000 biking enthusiasts each year through a range of diversified activities. Thousands take part in its events and trips. Thousands more follow the latest trends and events through its newsletters, Web sites, social media and magazines. Still others join the ranks of its association in order to promote the cycling cause. A fine community indeed!
Vélo Québec shares its expertise
Vélo Québec’s credible, well-argued memoranda account for the evolution of biking and allow it, on the one hand, to provide professional bikeway development training and consultation sessions and, on the other, to support its claims before decision-makers. These claims have, among things, incited the government to adopt the first Quebec bicycle policy and to upgrade the status of bicycles in the Highway Safety Code.
Vélo Québec advocates more bicycle-friendly development
Vélo Québec is the architect, under the aegis of the Ministère des Transports, of the Route verte - North America’s largest bikeway – criss-crossing more than 4,300 km of Quebec. The organization also recommends paving the shoulders of regional roads, a key factor in developing bike touring in Quebec and a benefit for all road users.
Vélo Québec offers training to cyclists
Every year, Vélo Québec offers about fifty courses in bicycle mechanics (levels I and II) and certified cycling escort training, which are very popular and recognized by the Quebec cycling community.
Vélo Québec develops programs to encourage active transportation
Vélo Québec developed On the move in the community! and its components for elementary students — On the move to school! — as well as for municipalities wishing to develop friendly environments for pedestrians and cyclists. The organization also established Operation Bike-to-Work, which encourages the use of two-wheelers as a means of daily transportation.
Vélo Québec creates mobilizing cycling events
At the beginning of June each year, Vélo Québec presents the Go Bike Montréal Festival, which includes the Tour de l'Île de Montréal, Un Tour la Nuit, Metropolitan Challenge and Operation Bike-to-Work. It also organizes Summer Challenges, a series of 75- to 150-km cycling excursions and, for over 20 years, has produced charity outings for organizations like the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada.
Vélo Québec has been publishing for more than 30 years
It all began with the publication of the still well-read Vélo Mag. Today, Vélo Québec also publishes the magazines Géo Plein Air and Québec Science, as well as books, guides and maps associated with cycling, outdoor recreation, nature, science, sports and tourism. These include the popular and oft re-edited Les voies cyclables au Québec, Cycling in Quebec and Carte des voies cyclables du Grand Montréal.
Vélo Québec has been organizing trips since 1994
A veritable benchmark in its field, Vélo Québec organizes trips for over 6,000 people each year, offering them more than 70 packages both here (e.g.: Grand Tour Desjardins and Petite Aventure Desjardins) and abroad (e.g.: America, Europe, North Africa, Asia/Pacific and sun destinations).
Vélo Québec welcomes you at Maison des cyclistes
At the corner of the Rachel and Brébeuf bike paths, a stone’s throw from La Fontaine Park, you will find Vélo Québec’s offices, a café — featuring bike touring lectures —, a boutique and a bicycle travel agency. Feel free to drop by.