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Go Bike Montréal Festival, May 24 to 31, 2015

Ready to experience a festival on the move? Then, Go Bike Montréal! From May 24 to 31, whether you prefer a relaxed outing or an athletic challenge, there’s a biking experience for you.

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I can’t wait!
To the delight of Vélo Québec, Joël Legendre is the new spokesperson and official ambassador for the Go Bike Montréal Festival. “A bike is a child’s first real vehicle and gives him a sense of freedom and independence. Since I grew up on a farm, biking had a big impact on my life because it allowed me to go the village and hang out with my friends. Talk about happiness on two wheels! Now I encourage my son to bike to and from school, just the way I did. Cycling is also an excellent way to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. As spokesperson for the Go Bike Montréal Festival, I look forward to sharing this liberating experience with you, especially on the car-free streets of the Tour de l’Île and Tour la Nuit. See you there!”
— Joël Legendre, Spokesperson for the Go Bike Montréal Festival

2015 Campaign: PhantasmaGOric!
The Go Bike Montréal Festival creates magic, larger-than-life moments. Getting thousands of cyclists pedalling through the city — in the Tour de l’Île de Montréal, Tour la Nuit and Metropolitan Challenge — is a fantastic feat. Like a fast-forward film, bicycles suddenly appear, everyone is smiling and the streets come alive. Rediscover your inner child… It’s phantasmagoric!

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